Tuition Plans

Enrollment & Tuition

School Year runs September to June
Tuition payable in 5 bi-monthly payments. (Every other month).
#1 Due W/Enrollment, #2 Due November 1. #3 Due January 1. #4 Due March 1. and #5 Due May 1.
Enrollment Release Form must be submitted prior to starting or trying any class.

Discounts are shown below for multiple classes and family members of same household.
Please call if enrolling after start of bi-months for pro-rated amounts. 603.924.8900

Online enrollment payments, additional fee applies.

Once Per Year, Non-Refundable

Trial Class: $20/25/30 Depending on level & length of class (1 class only)

Students must enroll to continue with class or classes.

Classes are not pay as you go "drop-in". 

45 Minute Class: $120 (Sibling:$80)

1 Hour Class:$140 (Sibling:$100)

1.5 Hour Class:$170 (Sibling:$120)

2 Hours/Classes:$230 (Sibling:$150)
2.5 Hours/Classes:$250 (Sibling:$180)

3 Hours/Classes:$310 (Sibling:$200)

3.5 Hours/Classes:$340 (Sibling:$220)

4 Hours/Classes:$380 (Sibling:$240)

4.5 Hours/Classes:$410 (Sibling:$280)

5 Hours or More: UNLIMITED CLASSES!:$500 (Sibling:$300)

1.5 Hours: Jujitsu/Self Defense Classes: $180 (Sibling:$140)