MAMA Policies


Tuition Payment Plans & Fees
$35 Non-refundable Enrollment Fee Due with Enrollment & Release Form.  
It is the responsibility of signee to know when payments are due and all associated fees.
No Refunds on any tuition or costume fees, paid or prepaid tuition.
MAMA accepts personal checks payable to: MAMA, Cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Major Credit Cards.

MAMA Student Accounts may be set up with Credit Card, forms will be sent with Confirmation.

Payments may be mailed to the Academy, brought in during Academy business hours or put into the lock-box next to the MAMA DanceWear store.
Cash payments must be made during store hours for receipt.  
Please do not give student payments to bring in or handle at any time.Late Payment fees after 10th of bi-month: $25. Accrues monthly. NSF Returned check fee:$35
Account becomes cash only in the event of NSF occurrence.  
MAMA does not bill or send out statements.
Group Email will go out bi-monthly as a reminder of tuition due date.

Students/Families must take classes enrolled for, Director must be informed if adding,
switching or withdrawing from any classes.

Tuition is still owed for any missed classes due to weather, illness/absence or any reason.
No refunds on any payments made, credit may be given in the event of illness or injury.

Year End Performance (YEP) & Costumes

YEP Newsletter published in the spring. 

Sent by email, & hard copies available at the Academy.

Each dancer receives/purchases a costume for each YEP Performance Class they participate in.
Costume fee includes: one costume, shipping & handling, selection, measuring/sizing,
checking in and disbursement of. Not adjustments.  
YEP Costume Fees are due December 1.
Creative & Combo Classes: $60 Level 1/2 and up classes:$70 per costume.

$25 Late Fee after December 10. In the event of withdrawal after December 10, Costume Fees will still be owed as they are special ordered from vendor and are not returnable.  Late Costume fee payments may also incur an additional shipping and handling fee, if ordered separately from the class.

Written Withdrawal from Lessons

Each student's place in class has worth & value and is secured by this policy for both parties.

Upon Enrolling it is assumed that student is committed to the Year End Performance (YEP).

There is a 2 month minimum for all lessons/students unless otherwise stated in advance.
To Withdraw from lessons payee/signer must:

Inform Director by written mailed or emailed "post dated" 30 days prior to stopping lessons.
Tuition will continue to accrue until withdrawal letter is received. No refunds on tuition paid.

A phone call or telling your child's teacher does not constitute a formal withdrawal. 

As a Withdrawal affects the whole class, teacher & Academy on many levels, especially when choreography is underway for YEP, after January 1, 30 day withdrawals are allowed for health reasons only, a doctor's note required, 30 day "post date" applies.

Commitment & Liability Waiver

I/We promise to follow and uphold all of MAMA Policies.

I/We accept full financial responsibility for all tuition, costumes and other fees. 

I/We understand the bi-monthly tuition plan.

I/We understand that dance is a physical activity and injury may occur and assume full responsibility should bodily injury occur, for myself/child enrolled at Monadnock Academy of Movement Arts. 

I/We hereby release and indemnify the Academy and it's instructors from all liabilities. 

By submitting online enrollment form and/or signing hard copy Enrollment & Release Form
you are agreeing to all of the above.