General Information


Enrollment & Classes

The Academy's class sizes are limited to ensure proper instruction to every student. Early Enrollment is encouraged to ensure a space in the classes your want. Classes without sufficient enrollment may be cancelled or merged with another class at the discretion of the the Academy.
Class sizes vary with class level.

Class Attendance

Please call the Academy to report an absence: 603.924.8900 (email may not get to teacher in time).
Consistent attendance is critical to progress in all classes. 

Classes and choreography progress as a group.
Absences slow a students progress and will keep them from advancing with their class members. 

It is essential that students arrive on time for class. 

On time arrival is at least 10 minutes before class start time. 

Late arrival does not allow time for sufficient warm up, can cause injury 

and disrupts the class as a whole. 

Leaving class early is determent to a students progress, especially when learning choreography. 

It is disrespectful to the teacher and other dancers. 

Dancers will only be permitted to leave class early for an emergency, not another activity/sport.

AWARDS: The Academy recognizes students for continuous study for 5, 10 & 15 years, MAMA graduating seniors awards At the Saturday night performance.

 It is the responsibility of the student to sign their names to the awards sheets posted in the spring. 

Perfect Attendance Awards are handed out in class the final week of the school year.

Class Make-Up Policy

Students may take a different class from their enrolled class to "Make-up" a missed class due to snow days/weather, or illness. Scheduling conflicts due to other activities, personal vacations, etc. do not fall under this policy. It is vital that students have continuity each and every week, especially the Young Dancers. All Make Up classes must be completed prior to MAY 1st.
Please call the Academy prior to attending a Make Up class: 603.924.8900

Academy Hours & Parking

See hours posted at the Academy. Dance Wear Store & Studio Hours Differ.
The dance studios open 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day & close directly after the last class of the day/night. The Academy is not responsible for students before or after these times, please be prompt in picking up your child. Teachers will always wait with a student if an emergency arises. Students ages 12 & under must be brought inside and picked up by an adult, do not allow young students to walk in unaccompanied at any time. 

All students waiting to be picked up must wait inside the building.
PARKING: Please make sure to pull into a designated parking spot while waiting for your dancer.
Double parking is prohibited, per Depot Square management. 

Emails & MAMA Updates

The Academy sends emails throughout the School Year to help keep parents informed of current events and Year End Performance recital information. Please make sure you are receiving MAMA Emails! Join our MailChimp Email List on the home page.

MAMA Youth Dance Company (YDC)

Offering Dancers exciting opportunities and further immersion in performance & choreography.
Past Performances include: Peterborough Players Spring Gala, Children and the Arts Festival, Crotched Mountain, School Tours, Disney, Manchester Monarchs Games, New Hampshire Dance Festival & More!

A not for profit program, funded solely through Gala ticket sales, fundraising events. 

A tuition Free Program. 

Participation is by Audition or Invitation. Call 603.924.8900