MAMA Dress Code

Dress Code

 A students dress is a reflection of their discipline and respect for the art form. 

Placement and lines are paramount in dance. 

Our dress code allows our teachers to observe and correct the posture and alignment of our students. 

We ask that students come dressed prepared to dance in the appropriate dance attire for class. 

Hair needs to be secured and out of the face, in a bun for Ballet.

Jewelry, watches, fit bits, street shoes & cell phones/electronic devices are to be left

outside of the dance studios at all times.

MAMA DanceWear Store carries all dance wear items right at the Academy for your convenience.

Shoes that are listed will also be used in the June Performance Recital.

HAIR: In a bun for Ballet, ponytail for all other classes. Boys neat and clean.
WARM-UPS: Form fitting dance style attire in winter months, at beginning of class only.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Solid Color Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers. 

COMBO CLASS: Solid Color Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet slippers, Black Tap Shoes, Mary Jane Style.

BALLET & POINTE: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, Pink Pointe Shoes. Dance Skirts allowed in center only. Hair in a bun with net and pins. 

JAZZ : Black Jazz Pants, Solid Color Leotard, Black Jazz Shoes.

TAP: Solid Color Leotard, Black Dance Pants or Shorts, Black Tap Shoes. Oxford Style Recommended.

MODERN: Black Dance Pants, Solid Color Leotard, Long Sleeve T-shirt for Floor Work, Bare Feet.

LYRICAL: Solid Color Leotard, Suntan Tights, Bare Feet or Sander Soles.

HIP-HOP & BREAK DANCING: Solid Color Leotard, Black Dance Pants, Clean Black Sneakers. 

Boys: sweatpants, t-shirt, clean black sneakers.

ACRO: Solid Color Leotard, Suntan Tights or Biketard. Bare feet.

MUSICAL THEATRE & CABARET: Solid Color Leotards, Black Dance Pants, Black Jazz Shoes for Musical Theatre, Tan Character Shoes for Cabaret. Dance Skirt Optional.

YOUTH DANCE COMPANY: Solid Color Leotard, Black Dance Pants or Tights. 

BOYS: Black Dance Pants, White or Black Fitted T-Shirt, Black Ballet, Slippers, Jazz or Tap Shoes, Sneakers as needed. Break Dancers may wear sweats & T-Shirts, no expletive wording or logos please.

CABARET & ADULTS: Solid Color Leotard, Dance or Yoga style pants.

Ballet Slippers for Ballet. Tan colored ballroom heeled shoes for Cabaret.

Please call: 603.924.8900