Classes & Programs

Dance is Life Changing!

Time and again we are amazed by the changes dance can bring about it in each and every student.

Students become confident and assured, more focused and committed to succeed. 

MAMA teachers are specially trained to bring out the best in each student.

Not only developing beautifully trained dancers, but engaging students in enhancing life skills.

Students will be challenged each week in class to work hard & learn self awareness, discipline, social skills and more. MAMA is a wonderful community of dancers, parents and friends!

CLASSES & Programs at MAMA

MAMA offers students an individual approach to training.

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Students with prior training, but new to MAMA, or students having taken time off, 

please call for enrollment conference: 603.924.8900

As with any art form, the more we practice, the faster we progress. 


MAMA's Young Dancers will explore the joy of dance in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Learning the fundamental concepts of dance through through story telling & play! 

Primary steps of Ballet and basic rhythms taught. 

Focus is on developing an expressive and creative future dancer!

MAMA & Me! Ages 2-3

Parent assisted class.

Creative Movement.

Learning classroom skills.

6-12 month program. 1 class per week.

CREATIVE Movement: Ages 3 & 4

Independent Creative Movement class.

Learning classroom skills.

12-24 month program length.

1 class per week.

First performance experience in June Recital!


Ages 5 & 6 

Ballet  & Modern, Tap & Jazz.

12-24 months program length.

2 class hours per week. 

June Recital


Ages 7+

Beginning level technique classes.

12-24 months program length.

2.5-3 class hours per week.

Joins Leadership Enhancement Program!

Joins Gala Performance!

June Recital


The Peak Performer

Intermediate Level Student.

2 Year Program Length.

3-4 class hours per week.

Gala & June Recital


The Apprentice

Advanced Level Classes.

2-4 Years program length

May qualify for pre-pointe/pointe.

3.5-5 class hours per week.

Gala & June Recital


The Artist/Graduate

Advanced and Pre-professional classes.

Special honors at student recital.

May qualify for assistant teaching opportunities.

2-4 years program length.

5+ classes hours per week.

Gala & June Recital


BALLET & POINTE: Age & Length of class varies with level & program.

Based primarily on the Vaganova technique, dancers will also be exposed to 

Cechetti and Danish styles.
Correct posture, alignment, grace & musicality will be learned.

The foundation of most technical dance styles. 

MODERN DANCE: Age & Length of class varies with level & program

Students will develop an understanding of balance & continuity of movement. 

Increase movement range, dynamics and learn

improvisational techniques applicable to choreography. 

The primary focus of many college dance programs.

JAZZ DANCE: Age varies with level & program

Classic American forms of dance employing Ballet & Modern dance within their foundations. 

Develop strength through center barre & stretch, culminating in traveling & center combinations. 

Lyrical adds an element of connecting the lyrics or story of the music to the movement.

CONTEMPORARY: Advanced Levels

A current form of dance, currently popular on TV and social media. 

Style is very physical and demanding. 

Requires a strong foundation of Ballet.

TAP DANCE: Age varies with level & program

A blend of Rhythm & Jazz Tap with an emphasis on melodic phrasing. Students learn vocabulary & vernacular steps. Class includes barre work, traveling & center combinations. 


A fun, fast paced class focused on singing, musical theatre style dance & acting, through theatre games & improvisational theatre exercises. Outgoing triple threats needed for this Broadway

inspired class!

HIP-HOP: Age varies with level.

Learn the latest street moves seen in music videos & danced by your favorite Hip-Hop artists! 

ACRO: Age varies with level.

A mix of dance and gymnastics in a high energy, challenging class!

CABARET: Ages 13 through Adult

In the tradition of Broadway, each class will focus on developing dance technique, vocal control & 

acting skills. Have fun in this creative, high energy class, get exercise while having fun!

ADULT DANCE CLASSES: Beginner-Intermediate, Ages 13+

These classes are geared to the more mature student in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern & Hip-Hop