Class Styles & Levels

Classes & Levels

CREATIVE Movement: Ages 3 & 4 > 45 Minute Class
COMBO Classes: Ages 5 & 6 > One Hour Class
MAMA's Youngest Movers will explore the joy of dance in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Learning the fundamental concepts of dance through through story telling & play! 

Primary steps of Ballet and basic rhythms taught. 

Focus is on developing an expressive and creative future dancer!

Combo classes further introduce students to Tap & Ballet while keeping a commitment to creative movement, essential to this age group.

BALLET & POINTE: Ages 7+, Length of class varies with level.

Based primarily on the Vaganova technique, dancers will also be exposed to Cechetti and Danish styles.
Correct posture, alignment, grace & musicality will be learned.

The foundation of most technical dance styles. 

Pointe class requires 2 concurrent technique classes and permission of instructor.

Student must be at least 11 years of age to start Pointe.

MODERN DANCE: Ages 7+ Length of class varies with level.

Students will develop an understanding of balance & continuity of movement. Increase movement range, dynamics and learn improvisational techniques applicable to choreography. 

The primary focus of many college dance programs.

JAZZ & LYRICAL DANCE: Ages 7+, 1 Hour

Classic American forms of dance employing Ballet & Modern dance within their foundations. 

Develop strength through center barre & stretch, culminating in traveling & center combinations. 

Lyrical adds an element of connecting the lyrics or story of the music to the movement.

CONTEMPORARY: Ages 10+, 1 Hour

A current form of dance, currently popular on TV and social media. 

Style is very physical and demanding. 

Requires a strong foundation of Ballet.

TAP DANCE: Ages 7+, 1 Hour

A blend of Rhythm & Jazz Tap with an emphasis on melodic phrasing. Students learn vocabulary & vernacular steps. Class includes barre work, traveling & center combinations. Students will be encouraged to apply improvisation.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Ages 7-12 , 1 Hour

A fun, fast paced class focused on singing, musical theatre style dance & acting, through theatre games & improvisational theatre exercises. Outgoing triple threats needed for this Broadway inspired class!

Additional Jazz, Tap or Ballet class highly recommended for this class. 

CABARET: (Advanced Musical Theatre), Ages 13+, 1 Hour

In the tradition of Broadway, each class will focus on developing dance technique, vocal control & 

acting skills for the advanced Musical Theatre student. 

Additional Ballet, Tap or Jazz class recommended for this class. Adults Welcome to this class!

HIP-HOP: Ages 7+, 1 Hour

Learn the latest street moves seen in music videos & danced by your favorite Hip-Hop artists!
Additional technique class (Ballet, Jazz, Modern), is recommended for advancement to the higher levels. 

ADULT BALLET: 1 Hour, Ages 13+

These classes are geared to the mature dancer in a safe and comfortable environment.
Classes are Beginner to Intermediate level and will focus on the needs of those enrolled.


Company provides additional performing & choreographic opportunities for the dancer wanting to further immerse themselves in the art of dance. A wonderful community of dancers committed to enhancing their education in dance and focusing on developing technique in an encouraging, fully accepting of all dancers atmosphere. 

Audition or Invitation required. A Not for Profit program. Fundraising is required.

WEATHERMAKERS DANCE A professional dance company under the direction of Riley Lynch.
The Weathermakers have performed all around the New England area.
Audition required. Please call:603.924.8900


MAMA offers students a recreational approach to training and a more intensive approach. 

Dancers wanting to come in once or twice a week for fun and enjoyment are encouraged to take the Hip-Hop, Tap or Musical Theatre classes. Students wanting to advance to the higher levels should be taking as many classes as advised below for a more intensive approach. Ballet & Pointe and other advanced classes have specific requirements.

Students must be of correct age by September 1st. 

Instructors will recommend when a student should proceed to the next level. 

It is usual for a student to remain at any given level for two to three years., sometimes more. 

New students to MAMA, with prior training or students having taken time off, please call for placement: 603.924.8900

Dance Levels are unlike school grades, where a student is placed in certain grades based mostly on their age. 

Dancers are placed according to ability; beginner, intermediate or advanced.

A concurrent Ballet technique class is required for level 3/4 and above Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary & Modern.
Theses classes all have a large amount of Ballet technique incorporated within the movement.
Students taking Pointe must attend at least 2 concurrent Ballet technique classes per week, in addition to Pointe.

Musical Theatre & Cabaret: A Ballet class is highly recommended. Hip-Hop & Tap do not require a Ballet class but it is highly recommended.

As with any art form, the more we practice, the faster we progress.
The advised amount of classes/hours per week are a base guideline to help each student progress at a steady pace.

Students are always encouraged to attend as many classes as they want keeping in mind the balance of family, school & other activities, The Academy purposely schedules classes for dancers to attend multiple classes per day/week, for ages 7+.

One class per week advised.
Creative Movement: Ages 3 & 4

Combo Class (Ballet, Tap & Creative): Ages 5 & 6

Beginner Level: 1/2 Ages 7+
2-6 Classes/Hours per week advised.

Students beginning their journey in dance, no prior experience required.

A 2-3 year program, depending on age starting, genre and overall ability.

Intermediate Levels: 3 & 3/4
4-8 Classes/Hours per week advised.

Assumes a students ability to correctly execute material learned in the beginner level, working for placement & accuracy, as well as proper technique.
Now putting steps together learned in level 1/2, 2-3 years prior training advised. 2-3 year program.

Advanced Levels: 4/5, 5/6
7-12 Classes/Hours per week advised.

These classes become more difficult requiring more technical accuracy, speed, complexity, strength & flexibility. Advanced class placement by instructor is required. Taking 7-12 hours per week increases strength, stamina and helps maintain the proficiency that is mandatory at this level. 6+ Years prior training of multiple hours per week, advised.