MAMA Tuition Payment Schedule


TUITION (For Walk or Mail In Enrollment)

Cash, Check, MasterCard or Visa Accepted.

Enrollment is for 35 Week School Year
September 11, 2017-June 16, 2018

Signed Enrollment Form required for every
prior to starting class.
MAMA makes every effort to offer families generous discounts for siblings. Discounts for siblings in italics.

Call if registering more than 3 students/same family: 603.924.8900

Online Payment fees apply, see online enrollment page/form.

Family Enrollment Fee/Once per year


1/2 Hour or La Petite Class

Sibling Discount

45 Minute Class per week

Sibling Discount:

1 Class/Hour per week

Sibling Discount:

1.5 Class/Hour per week

Sibling Discount:

2 Classes/Hours per Week

Sibling Discount:

3 Classes/Hours per Week

Sibling Discount:

4 Classes/Hours per Week

Sibling Discount:

Family Enrollment Fee, Once per year. $35

Drop-In Class: $20

45 Minute Class

1 class/hour per week

1.5 classes/hours per week

2 classes/hours per week

2.5 classes/hours per week

3 classes/hours per week

3.5 classes/hours per week

4 classes/hours per week

4.5 classes/hours per week

5 classes/hours per week

5.5 classes/hours per week

6 classes/hours or more per week

Changing or adding of classes in any program must have approval of director. 603.924.8900

After 10th of bi-month > Late Fee:$25 and each month after, if tuition remains unpaid

NSF Fee:$35 All Subject to change.

Late Enrollments, tuition will be pro-rated weekly.


MAMA Tuition: 5 Bi-Monthly Payments

 Bi-Monthly is every other month.


5 Payments Due:

#1-Sept. 1,  #2-Nov.1,  #3-Jan.1,
    #4-Mar.1 &  #5-May 1.




(Sibling rate:$70)


(Sibling Rate:$90)


(Sibling Rate:$100)


(Sibling Rate:$120)


(Sibling Rate:$150)


(Sibling Rate:$180)


(Sibling Rate:$210)


(Sibling Rate:$250)


(Sibling Rate:$280)

Costume Fees:

Creative & Combo Classes: $60
Levels 1/2 & above::$70

10th costume is FREE!


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